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ICT 유선기술 시대별 통신 방식 -VDSL (4/11)

정보통신기술사가 강의하는 ICT 정보통신기술(Information and Communications Technologies)
제 2장. 유선기술
'유선기술 시대별 통신방식 -VDSL (3/11)' 에 대한 강의입니다.
이번 강의에서 다룰 내용으로는

- VDSL(Very Speed Digital Subscriber Line),
VoDSL(Voice over DSL)

에 대한 설명으로 진행이 됩니다!!
많은 도움이 되셨으면 합니다. ^^

ADSL vs VDSL internet-connection (Rostelecom)

Internet-provider : Rostelecom (Russia)

0:00 - ADSL
0:17 - ADSL in speedtest
0:54 - ADSL in steam
1:36 - VDSL
1:48 - VDSL in speedtest
2:19 - VDSL in steam
Korecruit : 0:00 - ADSL
0:17 - ADSL in speedtest
0:54 - ADSL in steam
1:36 - VDSL
1:48 - VDSL in speedtest
2:19 - VDSL in steam
Queen Live Compilations : We're getting VDSL in 2 weeks, unfortunately there was no other choice since fiber isn't available in my area.
Melik Mert : are these internet packages the same ?
NatMG : Damn 7 would be huge for me
Vova Sem : I have adsl i have 20mb tariff and i get 14mb i can change it to vdsl 50mb tariff and i will get 30-40mb? Is it worth doing? (The price is the same)

Quick look at a VDSL DSLAM

Just a note, this video has been re-filmed in more detail with our newer kit:

A brief look at a typical VDSL DSLAM setup. The bits you don't see
RXP91 : Thanks for these videos, really useful. On my 3rd Open Reach appointment for a bridge tap, battery fault, RF interference and now another bridge tap so interesting to see why all these go wrong in crowded environments!
A1eR : Curious that you still use analog phone in combination with VDSL. In my country for VDSL contract they no longer gives you the analog line, but instead they give you voice service trough VOIP (in the modem/router they give you you have a couple of analog output, or you can use whatever VOIP phone you want in reality). It's probably way cheaper this way, since everything is VOIP and you just need to run fiber to the cabinets.

Also you avoid potential interferences with the line, especially with houses with multiple phone points. In fact it's advised to get the best signal to cut off every other phone point from your installation, and basically have the cable that comes into your home plugged into the modem.
Rtech Lab : This video, for one of ours, has had a few hits. Would you like us to do a full setup and talk through the whole thing. Hosting provider to your home PC?
JC : Great Video, really helped me to understand what goes on beyond the household demark.
imark7777777 : This is my second video I am completely fascinated as to what this is used for I get the impression of some sort of events based distribution. I've seen nothing that's going over how DSL works as well as the last two videos I've seen. Copper still has quite a few advantages like the ability to keep a communication device up with a centrally located battery, there are some more event-based fiber solutions but you still dealing with needing to make sure all the ends and cabling is treated right.


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