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국내최고 초강력 엄청밝은 광선검 HID써치라이트(HID searchlight)실사용 리뷰


정말정말 너무밝습니다. 서프라이즈
scp bonda!! : xhp90.2 4코어후레쉬보단 살짝 약하네요. 근데이거도 진짜 쎄긴하네요 ㄷㄷㄷ
전문가 : IMALENT MS18 100000루멘 고성능 후레쉬 해루질 랜턴 사냥 써치 라이트
종이 불도 붙이고
고기도 구워지고
계란도 익힐 수 있는
어마무시한 랜턴
대신 가격도 무시무시함
Insomnia ! : 영상 잘 보고갑니다.
과장은 있긴 한 것 같습니다.
그리고 hid리뷰로서는 부적절한 촬영리뷰 인 것 같습디다.
실 사용시간, 밝기, 타 제품과 비교, 등, 장단점 ipx등급이 전혀 없어서 조금 아쉽네요.
김상혁 : 혹시 배터리만 따로구입할수있나요?
-申- stealer : 해루질할때 쓰면 대박이겠는데요 와ㆍㆍ

85 Watt HID VS Acebeam K70 vs Thrunite TN42

Battle of some heavy hitter flashlights for throw
Acebeam K70 1300 rated meters of throw out of a xhp35 emitter
Great source for this wicked light and fast shipping
Thrunite TN42 1550 meters of rated throw out of an xhp35
Right from the manufacturer
Thrunite TN4A XP-L HI flashlight with 452 meters of throw from 4AA batteries. Wicked
Right from Thrunite
The Stanely Fatmax Spoltlight 700 meters of throw
Cheap at any walmart or ebay
Typical 85 watt HID flashlight
Best bet is Ebay
Robert Johnston : My 35 watt HID out throws your 85 watt by a large margin, though it uses a 12 volt battery and the reflector is twice the size and no adjustable focus. Most adjustable focus lights are horrible.
mineinspiron : great review! I had 85W HID before and really dissapointed with the throws. The bulbs takes a minute to reach maximum brightness and dead soon. Maybe less than one hour of run time. Next time I will pick LED thrower.
archades54 : Would the xhp35 beat HID in spotlights for offroad vehicles?
James Palmer : I never get tired of these videos, i even watch the same ones over
John Kennedy : Comparing the TN42 or K70, is the one that's known to have better reliability or quality to them? Or are they both about the same in regards to longevity and quality control?

HID 85W Xenon Flashlight 8500 Lumens Li-ion Battery

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Vinny V : For 8500 lumens, I was expecting way more throw.
James : Does it take a D1S bulb?
Xinix Xagnix : I wonder m8 you have so much unboxings and to store all goodies you need a airplane hangar i think lol xD
AJ : hello andrew actually i need some suggestion from you can you help me ?
TechGuru Andrew : no i am ok with a basement thanks




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