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엘지 32LS3400 엘지LEDTV수리 LGTV수리 LG LEDTV RAPAIR, LED백라이트모듈 고장으로 화면이 안나오는 증상수리 영상, LED BACKLIGHT MODULE

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수리여부, 수리비용 문의 : 010-9314-9469
주소: 서울 동대문구 전농동 46-19 1층

엘지전자 32LS3400 LED백라이트모듈 고장으로 화면이 안나오는 LG LEDTV LED백라이트모듈 수리하는 영상입니다.
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36000 bph of goodness: the most accurate watch in the world?

Today we have a really special watch on the bench: a 1969 Longines Ultra-Chron! Released for Longines' centennary celebration in 1967, it was marketed as the most accurate watch in the world. Then of course a few years later quartz watches entered the fray, with their decidedly more accurate timekeeping...
Join us for a full service of this fantastic timepiece with a look at what is special about a watch ticking twice as fast as its contemporaries! And yes, we'll probably go on a few detours....

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Steve Moreno : Out of all the mid-tier brands I absolutely adore Longines. I have three in my collection and told myself I wouldn't add another Longines but that new Zulu Time GMT they just released is definitively going to join my collection.
Bullnose : I do believe that the reduction in the beat rate was related to durability issues. Omega did the same thing with its co-axial movement, which originally ran at 28,800 bph and then was reduced to 25,200 bph and was accompanied by an increase in the warranty period from two years to four years. In any event, with its grey dial and pillow case, it is a very handsome watch that once again you have restored to its full glory. Well done, Stian.
Jason B : I always wondered how people worked on such fine mechanical watches. I see it takes very special tools and equipment. I would like to see a video on those tools. And now I wonder how they made such small mechanical parts such as screws, gears and pinions. Thank you for showing the invisible world of mechanical marvels.
Clive South Africa : An outstanding watch; classy, advanced (for its time) and understated.
Longines... terrific watches of the day.
Another splendid video.
Milan Christi : I always look forward to Saturday afternoon when I can take a break and watch a master at work. As always - nice history lesson along with the usual watchmaking lore. Thank you, Sir!! And I agree with Steve (below). That Zulu Time GMT has my name written all over it!

Sony X95K Series Mini LED Unboxing and First Look

In this video, we unbox the 2022 Sony X95K series Mini LED TV, show you what's in the box, and give our first impressions on the picture quality. The X95K is Sony's first mini LED TV and they absolutely nailed it! Stay tuned for our full overview to hear more!

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Y Y : Weird, the european x95k comes with the backlit metal remote
Steven : Would be nice to do a side by side comparison of an LG C1 65 inch also same size if you could do that that would be amazing any plans to do so?
Just wish This models especially in the 75 inch wasn’t so expensive in my opinion it’s overpriced for sure
Michael Davis : This is a dream TV That I really wanted but couldn't hold out long enough with no TV since mine went bad. I Did manage to purchase the beautiful X95J & I'm super happy with it it's just a Great Purchase & I've been in love. Problem is I've had desires for this TV knowing it was coming & now the only way my dream will come true is if mine bites the dust under the warranty period lol. I'm sure it won't tho so I'll continue to dream & still be happy with my Girl
David Cullen : Looking forward to your review!
Hugo Oliveira : Probably the best picture quality 4k LCD TV this year, X95K!




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