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SosMula - V12 (Official Music Video)

V12 - (Official Music Video) by SosMula

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Trippie Redd - V-12 (Lyric Video)

Official Lyric Video for "V-12” by Trippie Redd
Listen/Download: https://trippieredd.lnk.to/pegasus

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Ten, nine, ignition sequence started (Outside)
Six, five, four, three, two, one, zero (Outside, yeah, haha, yeah)
All engines running, liftoff

Maybach outside (Outside)
Your girlfriend right by my side (My side)
Your best friend askin' for a ride (Let's ride)
V-12 (Haha), we finna fly (We finna fly)

She wanna hop in the Maybach
I told her get in the back (Bitch, get in the back)
Diamonds, they shinin' on my neck (My neck)
Diamonds, they shine on my back (My back)
I'm a demon in the night, yeah
I spread my wings like a bat (A bat)
I see my opps through the sight, yeah (Bah)
They know my gang gon' attack (Attack, uh)
Grippin' her neck and her back
Dick in her throat while I'm fuckin' her cat
These niggas lame and these niggas wack
That nigga want static, that nigga get zapped (Bah, yeah)
I don't do no talking, I aim with the MAC
I don't do no talking, I'm ending the chat
That boy think he fly, but he really a gnat (Bitch)
Dunk on a nigga like Shaq (Shaq)
Try to run up, put one in your back (Woo)
Turn yo' ass straight to a pack (Woo, a pack)
Now we smokin' on you and you Thrax (Woo)
Smokin' the opps and we turnt to the max
Bitch made me mad, I'm feelin' like Max
I used to love Barney, now I shop at Sak's
I feel like iCarly, I'm all on the net
My bitch is a Barbie, that bitch throw the neck (The neck, yeah)

In a Maybach, swervin', on God (Oh)
In a Maybach, swervin', on God, yeah (Swerve)
Baby, hop in the back (Skrrt)
In the back of my Maybach
Baby, hop in the back (Yeah, yeah)

Maybach outside (Outside)
Your girlfriend right by my side (My side)
Your best friend askin' for a ride (Let's go)
V-12 (Haha), we finna fly (We finna fly), yeah

Music video by Trippie Redd performing V-12 (Lyric Video). © 2020 1400 Entertainment/TenThousand Projects





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