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How to refill Canon CL-811, CL-811XL Inkjet Cartridge - Auto-Refill System

AJIEK アイ STONEMAN : Thank you so much for the video! GREAT TUTORING!! I able to save about 5.000 yen for both Black and Colors cartridge!!
Romzan Ali : Thanks Weell
cheong lam : so kind u share your knowledge. God bless you 100X. Amen
RAJNEESH MAKOL : Can we fill three colours at the same time?
Refill House-填充小站-噴墨印表機-墨水-連供-改機-連續供墨-解碼-修復-填充專家 :

Refill Canon CL-811/811XL ink cartridge

A smart design was born of "Auto-Convection Refill System"

Goodman Naorem : hi all!
i could refill cl-811 & print successfully on canon printer-MX426.
some good suggestions here based on the video:
1. please do not make big holes with big driller as shown here in video. a small hole just to insert the needle is good enough.
2. use the already marked 3 holes to make holes not up or sideways.
3. refill just 3ml for each of RBY
if u follow these tips, u will experience happy refill & use of cl-811
all the best.
- from my experience

BitsBlitzPH : thank you very much it was really helpful. but really, there was no need to drill such a big hole. the needle fits just right to the holes :)
Quixoom : Printers tell that ink is "low" by using the chips on the print cartriges themselves. The sad part is.. they do not actually read the actual ink level. Rather the chip is a countdown to the average estimate you can expect out of the cartridge.. Say your cartridge is rated at 200 pages.. and you print 2 pages, it does not know you have enough for 198 more but rather there is an average amount of ink left for so. That is why it can be "empty" but still print just fine.
Jean Wern Liew : So does that mean although my cartridge memory is already down to "empty", but after following this tutorial I can still print like normal? Won't the printer read the chip and stop you from printing, asking you to change your cartridge?
Alif Afifudin : where can i get a drill like that?

Canon CL-811 refill ink cartridge

Refill the ink cartridge




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